Herbal Remedies

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Manifest Health Group

Bottles of Homeopathy Globules

Our community based group meets every other month. We discuss health, spirituality, wellness, and much more. Our goal is to have a place of trusted friendship and in depth discussions on dealing with every day life within a shared space of safety.

Queen of Peace Stores, LLC

Natural Herbs

The base of our store is peace, prayer, and love. We are all brothers and sisters through Christ. As part of my dedication to my business, I have a deep faith, and prayer life that is Catholic based. I worship God, I pray to the angels and saints, and I honor my Mother- The Virgin Mary. Who is also known by many other names. Specifically. Queen of Peace

Lux Slendida Wellness

Medicinal Herbs

Lux Splendida Wellness evolved from the name "Bright Light" and was given to me after a ceremonial advancement took place with my Native American teachers. This is by no means Reiki, I do not have that teaching, or ability. This is what I call "Light Therapy" It is a gift from God to allow me to assist in your healing. It is your option to ask for this light healing. I do not charge for these gifts. Instead, I ask that if you are able to, please donate to the Queen of Peace Stores, LLC